17 Ways to Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

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  1. Like everyone I struggle with this, but here are some tips that have worked for me:
    1. Don't have a smart phone. My old dumb phone works fine for calls and texts but not for social media.
    2. Use a Chromebook (or similar) for working. It's super simple and has all I need for work (Google slides / docs and internet)
    3. Turn off the wifi at night. In the morning I get some time to myself before family wakes up, I drink coffee, read a book and / or meditate. I am not tempted to turn the wifi until everyone wakes up. Having a few hours every day without access to internet helps my mind to wander freely.
    4. Re-instate the concept of sabbath. Have one day per week when you have an internet-free day. Try to do nice things on this day: go for a walk, buy a coffee out, that sort of thing.
    That's it.

  2. Seems a little extreme. I don't think I use the internet to much, more use the internet for playing Guild Wars 2, researching science topics to learn, researching things to be better person, communicate with family, or research things to buy. I don't use social media almost at all.

  3. i love youtube, you can learn all sorts of stuff from all these great creators.its very educational. Social media though is poison, when you have ex facebook execs doing interviews warning people that they made Facebook to be as addictive as a drug, doing the same mental damage as drugs do, its time to quit. Phone use is bad too, its now being shown to destroy your eyes in later life and causes a new disease in the neck they've called text neck, which they say 79 percent of all users have it to some degree..

  4. I just want you guys to know, I really enjoy your videos. You're really funny people who make it enjoyable to watch your content. The topics you choose are well researched and the observations you provide are insightful. I've watched a lot of your videos and always feel like I come away feeling better about myself (somehow lol) and inspired. I think this is content that YouTube needs more of in general: inspiring videos.

  5. I never have any notifications on and for me turning them back on helped. I don't have many friends, I don't get a lot of notifications. When they were off, I would check my phone regularly to see if I had a message and usually I didn't but then I stayed on my phone. Now I only have to look at my phone when I actually have a notification to look at!

  6. Quitting social media for 5 months is pretty good. Wish I could quit for that long I always fall back into the "FOMO". I do use social media less than I used to, but I still want to cut it down by half apart from WhatsApp and youtube

  7. I have 3 Golden Rules regarding phone use.
    1. It never comes into the bedroom with me (and I refuse to have a T.V. in there either!)
    2. I keep it in a different part of the room while I'm eating.
    3. Ditto, watching Films/Great T.V. shows….I used to lose track of whole chunks of stuff while fiddling about with the phone! 😉

  8. What if I use my phone and the internet to strengthen my brain? I mainly use my phone to play puzzle games like Flow, Tetris, Magic Bloxorz, etc. And i also read a lot of science abstracts and medical articles. I do research. This is the age of information and I think that's what our time on the internet should be used for… Higher Learning. Pumping up your brain.

  9. How to avoid internet on the phone, have a shitty phone(older than 5-7 years) that losses battery very fast… Or just do not buy new phone when it starts lags. Have less money to buy high quality phone…works wonders :')

  10. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but, unless your wife was off camera giving your daughter direction-she is very bright! (Intelligent) The way she knew to turn the stethoscope over & turn the otoscope around…(NOT saying she isn't bright if your wife WAS giving direction) I have a son who has been a member of Mensa since he was 6, I recognize the 'signs'. Congrats, and good luck! LOL

  11. I liked the video, it was a fun watch as always. But if you're watching these videos for actual help, you're doing it wrong already.(since you're on the internet looking up videos like this, and it's probably not the 1st one) Just gain some self control and it'll work itself out. Through personal experience, quitting cold turkey on certain things was great(such as facebook). Also, scheduling days to do certain things is highly advantageous in general. Do that for work and home so you have a "goal" to shoot for. I personally like rhyming days with the event such as Fun Friday for home(usually going out to meet friends or invite over to play a game or two) or Fiddly Friday for work(It usually involves tidying up the work space and tying up loose ends so they don't roll over to Monday). The dumber the phrase, the easier to remember. Good luck.

  12. My dumb-phone is great, and I take great pride in having one, but I fear it is not a long-term solution. Eventually the time will come when it's just expected for you to have a smartphone, and you won't be able to get basic goods and services without also having a smartphone. Some would say that time is already here. There are some features and services that companies offer that are not available to me because I don't have a smartphone. It's an unfortunate fact of the world, but that's the way it is, and it's only getting worse. =(

  13. TikTok is the worst thing on the internet, filled with the worst people. It's the easiest thing to avoid, since it's terrible.

    WheezyWaiter however, well, this is just something I cannot switch off. Funny dude, hot wife and well edited videos with super content. Bravo.

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