OnePlus 7 Pro – Android 10 Beta 5! Final Beta Before Release

We should see 1 public beta based on Android 10 public release. After that we should see a full rollout to the newer OnePlus devices first.

UPDATE: The Open Beta was released as this was uploading. There aren’t many (if any) feature changes between beta 5 and this. Expect a video if I find anything major.

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  1. Has anyone else had issues with screen always on; never entering sleep, on Android 10 stable and Open Beta 5. Open Beta 5 didn't fix it for me and once in Open Beta 5 cannot revert back to Android Pie 9.

  2. I installed this beta couple hrs ago, bit had to downgrade back to Pie because I wasn't getting any mobile signal not even a bar, even getting a "Network locked" warning on my T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro which is running international firmware. I am now back on Pie thanks to the same method I used to convert from stock T-Mobile firmware to International (no bloatware or boot up screen).

  3. Stupid question on sound settings (NOT the alert slider) — can you go into sound settings and have the ringer on but the notifications off or vice versa? For example at night I like to leave my ringer on low volume for phone call emergencies but have notification sounds off so any text msgs don't wake me up…

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